10:00am- Kids Connect (K-5) and Youth Class (Middle School)

Preschool, Elementary and Middle School aged children are joyfully welcomed  with their parents in the rear lobby before the 10:00 worship service begins. Kids Connect meets weekly and Youth Class meets bi-weekly. Parents may sign their children in and all will receive name badges. Parents may then go to the Worship service while 2 certified teachers will escort the children to the Children’s Ministry area on the lower level.  Parents may meet back with their children in the rear lobby after the service and sign their child out.   

10:00am- Nursery Care

Nursery care is available for babies and toddlers during the 10:00am service.
The nursery and toddler rooms are located next to the sanctuary. Two caring and certified adults will be there to greet you!  Please sign your baby in/out just like the older children at the front entrance upon arrival and exit. Clean toys, books,  DVD’s and a crib room are here for your child’s comfort.   

Please call Megan Adams at 717-917-9773 with any questions.

We follow safe church practices with all our staff and volunteers.

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