We acknowledge that we are a diverse body of believers, but we are united as a family of faith within the following beliefs:

We experience God in Trinity as:

  • God, the Father, the Creator and loving Sustainer
  • God, the Son, in the person of Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the grave for the forgiveness of each of our sins
  • God, the Holy Spirit, residing in each of us as a guide for life, thought and mission

We faithfully accept, read and study the Holy Bible:

  • as God’s inspired, authoritative Word
  • and use the New Testament as our guidebook for living
  • and spend personal time in prayer and spiritual disciplines

We serve others as we:

  • act as the hands and feet of Jesus
  • lovingly care for one another
  • use our gifts and talents to share God’s love and message with the world
  • practice peaceful living and a simple lifestyle

We are individual works in progress, as we:

  • strive to turn away from sin and become like Christ
  • gather in community for worship, study and friendship
  • look for Christ’s return and anticipate eternal life

We observe the following New Testament practices:
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Florin is a member of the Church of the Brethren denomination (http://www.brethren.org) and the Atlantic Northeast District (http://ane-cob.com).

In 1954 Florin became a stand-alone congregation. Prior to that time the Florin and West Green Tree churches were one congregation that met in three meetinghouses. Those three meetinghouses were located in Rheems, Florin and Elizabethtown.

From 1954 till 1968 Florin was lead by a team of unpaid ministers, which in the Brethren tradition has been known as the “free ministry”. In 1959 our current church was constructed and in 1968 we called our first paid minister. In 1991 we dedicated a new addition to the church facility, which currently houses our gym, kitchen, and several classrooms.

Our congregation has been and remains very committed to serving the needs of our local community and demonstrating Christ’s love to others. We invite you to join us in worship and hope that you find a welcoming body of believers to grow closer to God and one another with.

Our Purpose Statement: Following Christ … Denying Self … Reaching Families

Our Mission Statement: Reflecting the light of Jesus and attracting others to Him.

Our Vision Statement: Love God. Grow Together. Serve Passionately.